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Chandler Earl 'Feek' Tooke


This page is dedicated the history of the 'Tooke Bloodlines' created by bucking horse visionary Feek Tooke. The horseman from Ekalaka, Montana who had a vision to change the way horses were bred for bareback and saddle bronc.


This page will educate you on the horses Feek bred, the awards/accolades he has won, details on the Tooke family, and how his legacy lives on.


Many of the pictures on this site are linked to our Facebook page for more photos and information. For example the photo of Feek on the left is linked to our homepage, click and enjoy.

Without Feek Tooke and his broncs, we wouldn't have bucking horses...he was years ahead of his time.

Clem McSpadden



Feek's Horses made Rodeo Inc. famous and we made him and his horses a household name.

Mel Potter

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