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The Tooke Bucking Horses


Below are some of the more famous horses with 'Tooke Bloodlines' complete with background and information of each...

Major Reno


Major Reno is by far the most popular horse to ever leave the Tooke Ranch. He was sired by General Custer and a wild roan mare in 1964. the first time he bucked was in Crawford, Nebraska on the 4th of July 1968.


He was sold to Rodeo Inc in 1968 this would be the year he would become a household name. World Champion, Larry Mahan, left the chute 30 times during the 1968-70 National Finals...he hit the dirt twice, both of those courtesy of Marjor Reno. In 1968 it cost Mahan the world title and 1969 it cost him the average.



Reno battled the best cowboys in the world dumping most, and the rest hit it big at the pay window.


General Custer


General Custer was a full-blooded Shire stud sired by Tooke's legendary Prince and a bay mare in 1951 on the Tooke Ranch. He stood 17 hands tall and weighed over 1800lbs.


General Custer died in 1972.




Gray Wolf


Gray Wolf was sired by General Custer and a gray shire mare in 1956 on the Tooke Ranch outside of Ekalaka.


Wolf is by far the greatest Tooke stud of all-time. He sired dozens of colts on the Tooke Ranch over many breeding seasons, and he was sent north to Calgary and produced over 30 colts that year to help the Stampede build up their herd to what it is today. Many horses with his genetics have went on to become award winning animals.


Gray Wolf died in Janruary of 1978 on the Tooke Ranch next to the barn where Ernest and the rest of the Tooke family fed him daily. His remains are located on the Tooke Ranch.


Sheep Mountain


Sheep Mountain was sired by General Custer in 1963.


Was a Roan sadddle bronc who first bucked in Crawford, Nebraska in 1967. He was sold to Rodeo Inc where he became the first 'bred to buck' horse to win a major award. 1967 National Finals Rodeo Champion Saddle Bronc.


Bald Hornet


Bald Hornet was a roan bareback horse. Had only 4 qualified rides in 10 years of services 1954-1964


Sold to Rodeos Inc in 1965. Made numerous trips to the National Finals Rodeo.

77 Sunset Strip


Sunset Strip was a half brother to General Custer, they were both out of the same Shire mare. His father was a sorrel Morgan saddle horse, Strip was born in 1947.


He once threw 24 straight riders in Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota from 1959-1961 before he was ever rode, Ernest said he is one of the rankest horses he has ever been around and one of the all-time best Tooke raised bucking horses.


Was sold to Rodeos Inc in 1965, where he made trips to the NFR.



Paleface was a black and white paint who weighed 1700 pounds, and was a full-blood Shire. He was sired by General Custer and foaled from a bay shire mare with spots in 1956. Bucked off many world champions including Tom Tescher and Bill Smith


Was sold to Rodeo Inc in 1966.

War Paint


War Paint was born on the Tooke Ranch. Sire by Prince in 1953. He was seldom ridden from 1956 through 1964. He was sold to Rodeo Inc in 1965, and made several trips to the National Finals Rodeo.




Timberline was a black stud sired by Prince and foaled from a Snowflake mare in 1955. Great bareback horse, was not often bucked, but grounded a few world champions. Several champion bucking horses go back to Timberline. He was sold George Anderson in 1974, and died in 1975.




Ekalaka was sired by Gray Wolf in 1967, and was sold Rodeos Inc in 1970.


Ekalaka was a won National Finals Rodeo Saddle Bronc of the Year in 1978 & 1979. He was owned by Beutler Brothers & Cervi. His named was changed in 1979 to Frontier Velvet.


Indian Sign


Indian Sign was foaled in 1953. Sired by Prince and an exceptional bucking horse named Butterfly that was never ridden.


Was sold to Rodeos Inc in 1965, and went to the Nationa Finals Rodeo numerous times.


Bucked both saddle bronc and bareback. Bucked so hard in St Paul, Minnesota that she died in the arena.



Custer was sired by General Custer and a Harry Vold mare in 1970. Harry sold Custer to Ike Sankey in 1982. Custer was the main building block in Ike having some of the top bucking horses in the business.



Desolation was sired by General Custer. A saddle bronc sold to Rodeo Inc in 1965.


Made several trips to the NFR. Dumped several world champions in his lifetime.

Calgary's Cloud Gray


Calgary's Cloud Gray  was foaled from a Gray Wolf mare (Zone Gray) and was sold to Calgary Stampede in the late 1970s.


Cloud Gray was 1987 Canadian Saddle Bronc Champion, Canadian Finals Saddle Bronc Champion, and Co-PRCA World Champion. Cousin to Beutlers award winning Challenger and nephew to Calgary’s award winning Guilty Cat.

Calgary's Guilty Cat


Guilty Cat was sired by Gray Wolf.  


Canadian Saddle Bronc of the Year (1981 & 1983) and Reserve Bareback World Champion (1987 & 89).  Guilty Cat, made 12 trips to the NFR along with 17 to the Canadian Finals. Won a silver Medal at the 1988 Olympics.


Uncle to Beutler's Challenger & Calgary's Cloud Gray who were co-Saddle bronc of the year in 1987.

Vold's Bobby Joe Skoal


Harry Vold's Bobby Joe Skoal was sired by Custer.


Was PRCA World Champion Saddle Bronc 1991-1993 and 1991 NRF Champion Saddle Bronc.

Calgary's Grated Coconut


Grated Coconut, goes back to Tooke's Gray Wolf.


Calgary Stampede's 6x PRCA Bareback Horse of the Year (2003, 04, 06, 07, 08, 09). Was NFR Bareback Horse of the Year in 2008.


All was a major player north of the border, was named Canadian Bareback Horse of the year 6x.

Burch Rodeo's Lunatic Fringe


Burch Rodeo’s famous Saddle Bronc, Lunatic Fringe, is a grandson to Tooke’s Gray Wolf.


Fringe has bucked all over North America carrying top cowboys to the pay window.

Sutton's Chuckulator


Chuckulator swept PRCA saddle bronc awards in 2012. Sutton Rodeo took home the Saddle Bronc of the Year Award and NFR Saddle Bronc of the Year Award.


Chuckulator is the great grandson of Tooke's Gray Wolf.

Powder River's Miss Congeniality


Miss Congeniality is a 2x PRCA Saddle Bronc of the Year.


She goes back to Custer bloodlines.

Beutler's Challenger


Challenger was sired by a Gray Wolf stud and a Timberline/Snowflake mare in 1981.


Was sold as a colt to George Anderson, who was later sold to Bennie Beutler. Challenger was 1987 PRCA Saddle Bronc of the Year.  


Is the grandfather to Tooke's current stud, Feek's Vision.

Beutler's Commotion


Commotion is a great grandson to Tooke’s Gray Wolf.  


He was a 3x Bareback Horse of the Year (1998, 99, and 2000). Was named NFR Bareback Horse of the Year in 1997. He went to Cin City for the Finals ten straight years.



Here is the horse that started it all. All of the horse above have Prince's blood running their veins. He is the lone colt out of Feek's King Larrygo and a Snowflake mare.


Prince  was 17 hands tall and 1,700 lbs. He sired General Custer, Gray Wolf, Timberline and Casey Tibbs's Born to Buck.


The PRCA has calculated that over 10,000 horses go back to this single horse.

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