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Here are some of the more frequently asked questions that we recieve via email and our facebook page.

What made Feek want to breed bucking horses?


Feek loved horses...saddle horses, work horses, and rank horses. He seen a need for horses for the sport of rodeo. He decided to be the first man to specifically breed horses used for rodeo. With trial  by error as to what would make a 'perfect' bucking horse. His horses have size, agility, and attitude, which acceled in arenas around the continent. He made 'Tooke Bloodlines' a house held phrase

What breeds are used in the 'Tooke Bloodline'?


The basis of Feek's breeding program was a registered state blue ribbon winning Shire named King Larrygo. He bred Kings lone colt, Prince, with mares from a rank Arabian named, Snowflake. With these colts Feek had the foundation of his legendary breeding program with such recognizable names as General Custer, Timberline, Gray Wolf and Casey Tibb's 'Born to Buck'.


These horses are responsible for the majority of award winning horses...Bobby Joe, Commotion, Guilty Cat, Challenger, Lunatic Fringe, and the list goes on and on.

How many horses go back to Tooke's horses?


Feek's foundation was started with three horses. King Larrygo who sired one colt, Prince. Prince was bred to mares sired by Snowflake. The PRCA has calculated that over 9,000 horses go back to these horses.




What contractors have 'Tooke Bloodlines'?

All of the major contractors have genetics going back to Feek & King Larrygo. Feek started by selling his horses to the new company, Rodeo Inc in the mid 60s. After that horses have been sold to Harry Vold, Calgary Stampede, Beutler Brothers, Ike Sankey, Sutton Rodeo, Powder River, Sonny Linger, Cotton Rosser, Max Burch, and many more.


What Tooke stud produce the most & best horses?

Many people remember the names like General Custer, Major Reno, and Indian Sign, but the most productive stud to be born and raised on the Tooke Ranch has been Gray Wolf. Wolf sired many horses on the ranch, but was also sent to Calgary where he produced 30 colts in one breeding season.


Where have Tooke horses bucked?

Tooke horses have bucked all over the United States and Canada. They started bucking in Ekalaka, Baker, Dickinson, Deadwood, Glendive, Hettinger, and Red Lodge. One contacted by Rodeos Inc, that was a game changer, Feek's decision to sell horse to Mel Potter and company was a game changer. This took horses all over the midwest...Chicago, Louisville, St Louis, Minneapolis, and more. Feek also sold horses to Colonel Jim Eskew who took the Tooke name to the east coast, and bucking them in legendary venues such as the Madison Square Garden and the Boston Garden.



How many horses are on the Tooke Ranch today?

Feek's son Ernest and grandson Tim, are still on the homestead where Feek bred and raised his legendary broncs. There are between 75-100 horses on the Tooke ranch. Many of which have not been around people, and others that have been capture and take to rodeos in Ekalaka, Newcastle, Terry, and Camp Crook. Where Feek's great nephew, Mac, and his company C&T Rodeo take to rodeos so Tooke bloodlines can showcase their heritage in rodeo arenas.

How can you tell if a bronc has Tooke bloodlines?

Over the years Ernest can pick which horses go back to Tooke bloodlines, he says 'our' horses have several recognizable traits to look for. Feek wanted big, agile, rank horses, and that can be in any rodeo bronc. But you look for feathered feet, mangy mane, big roman nose, big boned, many have lots of color, and some have a glass eye.



What happened to Feek's wife, Thelma?

After Feek's death at the National Finals Rodeo in Oklahoma City in 1968 his wife Thelma continued to live in their house in Ekalaka surrounded by Feek's achievements. She never remarried, and at 96 years old, she enjoys visitors & family stopping to catch up. She will talk about Feek's love for horses and stories about cowboys and horses from the past to anyone who will listen.

Who are some of the champion riders to get on Tooke Horses?

Pretty much any cowboy from the 1940s to today have settled into the saddle aboard a Tooke bronc, any from Casey Tibbs to the Wright brothers, Deb Copenhaver to Dan Mortenson, and everyone in between. Every rider that has knows a Tooke horse can plant his head in the dirt or carry them to the pay window.


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